Charmaine Lyons


The Civic Centre    |    11-21 Oct 2018

Charmaine Lyons is a published, award winning contemporary portrait photographer best recognized for her unique, artistic portrait work, haunting photographs that capture not only the image but also the soul of the people who sit before her.

An artist with a social conscience in the pursuit of social change, Lyons constantly seeks to convey strong narrative and meaning through her photographic practice, focusing on social concerns. Her startling and sometimes jarring images of cancer survivors, the ill and the distressed are captured with the desire to instigate societal change, by helping to inform the community of these issues. Yet Lyons does not seek to be blunt in her delivery, but rather aims to encourage an open-ended interpretation, arousing the viewer’s emotions and experiences to find their own meaning in the work.

Lyons has exhibited both internationally and nationally; with group exhibitions in Orlando Florida and through her close association with the charity organization Scar Stories, group exhibitions in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

These images of cancer survivors were published in the 2014 Scar Stories book and other publications throughout Australia.

Her debut solo exhibition “Artists of the Atelier”, a visual documentation of local Gympie artists and their studios was showcased in 2015 at the Gympie Regional Gallery and received excellent reviews. The project continues to evolve with Lyons photographing artists outside of her local region for ‘Ateliers’ Mark II.

More recently Lyons has focused on her personal project WOMEN UNITED. A photographic project visually documenting 200 women from all walks of life and all nationalities with the vision to create an extensive body of work in which to represent the solidarity, commonality, strength and determination of ordinary, extraordinary women living in the 21st century in rural and regional Australia.

In addition to her photographic conceptual work Charmaine also focuses on personal portrait sittings, slow fashion editorials and collaborations.