Daniel Oldaker


Varietyville    |    12 Oct 2018    |    6.00pm

Workshop-Physical Comedy    |    13 Oct 2018    |    10.00am

Rush Carnivale    |    13 Oct 2018    |    7.45pm

Australia’s Prince of Circus & Physical Comedy, Daniel Oldaker aka ‘Dandyman’ will thrill you with a kooky, eclectic, unique and quirky show featuring; jaw dropping circus, absurd acrobatics, side-splitting comedy and mischievous high-jinks.  See Dandyman balance watermelons on his head, witness everyday objects come to life before your very eyes. Dandyman inhabits an invigorating, crazy, sublime and magical world that you will never want to leave!

“Oldaker is a master of object manipulation.”

Herald Sun

“High energy clowning … rivals Buster Keaton.”

The Adelaide Advertiser

Take a dash of Rowan Atkinson, throw in a pinch of Jim Carey, cross Salvadore Dali with Jerry Lewis, throw in some juggling balls, a bowtie made of straws and a whole lot of charisma and you’ve arrived somewhere in the neighborhood of Dandyman. Combining, comedy, top-notch circus skills and blending them all into something entirely fresh and just a little bit chaotic.

Dandyman is a 5 star award winning physical comedian who draws on 23 years of performance experience in over 30 countries. He’s trained with Phillippe Gaulier (Sascha Baron Cohens mentor) been sought after by Cirque du Soleil and Circus Oz and performed at many of the most highly regarded Festivals and venues around the globe.