Simon Wells aka The Almighty


Rush Carnivale    |    13 Oct 2018    |    2.30pm

Simon Wells (aka “the Almighty”) is the best unicyclist in Australia and one of the best balloon artists in south-east Queensland….. And modest too.

His shows are always supremely entertaining, whether he is doing a stage show, circus show, cabaret, balloon show, street theatre, TV commercial, or workshops for adults and children. Simon’s performances highlight his unique and crowd-pleasing feats of skill, including his world-renowned unicycling stunts, innovative balloon art and juggling abilities. On occasions, he can be found performing as a jester or even a pirate.

Simon has been unicycling since the tender age of 8 and is now a world-class unicyclist — having won dozens of national awards and coming in 2nd at the world unicycle championship.

He was also named the “Best Balloon Artist on the Sunshine Coast”, and has mastered the art of making any balloon shape, catering to any audience no matter how strange the request.