Terry the Great


Rush Carnivale    |    13 Oct 2018    |    4.00pm

Juggling they say? Yes he can!! With more then 20 years experience performing at festivals and shows throughout the world Terry the Great provides a fun and interactive performance for the whole family! Featuring incredible firetorch juggling, amazing stunts with Tango Diabolo (Chinese YoYo), and joking around on a really tall unicycle (8 foot – 2 metre) this is one multi-award winning (eccentric) Performing Artist not to be missed!

Be amazed! And Be Very Amused!! Catch his show, and watch him catch his meat cleaver balancing on his head! Marvel at his fluent movement (“are you a dancer” they ask). Be enchanted by his crystal balls! Be there! See for yourself why they call him Terry The Pretty Good, I mean Great; Terry The Great!!